• What Is Life in the Spirit's Power?

    What Is Life in the Spirit's Power?

    There are two sides to salvation: Jesus’ death for you and the Spirit’s life in you. As you look to Jesus in love and trust, the Holy Spirit (without any effort on your part) raises you into the new way of life... Read More
  • How Do I Live this New Life?

    How Do I Live this New Life?

    This is where the fun is. The "Salvation Basics" give us eyes to see a tremendous truth about life that we “knew” as little children, but lost along the way... Read More
  • How Can I Get Saved?

    How Can I Get Saved?

    God has not made this hard for us! The only difficult part is realizing we need God to save us. That usually means getting into trouble or experiencing failure... Read More
  • How Can I Stay Saved?

    How Can I Stay Saved?

    The key to staying saved is staying connected to Jesus! Fortunately, He has a great grip on us, but we need to hold on too and here's why: free will remains in play. Read More
  • How Can I Get to Heaven?

    How Can I Get to Heaven?

    Getting you to heaven is your loving Father's idea. If the enemy had his way, you wouldn't even realize there is a heaven to go to (and a hell to avoid), or that you need Jesus to get you there... Read More
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Living in the Spirit

Living the New Life of Grace

Essentials for Enjoying Your New Life of Faith in Christ
If you already know the Lord and want to know how to make your life of faith really count (and enjoy it), then this section is for you. Here are the "essentials" for staying peace-filled, joy-full and free.
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Our Amazing God

  • Our Father in Heaven: His Eternal Goodness
  • Holy Spirit Our Helper: His Indwelling Presence
  • Jesus Our Savior: Our Heroic Savior
  • The Three-in-One: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Receiving Salvation

Getting Saved and Getting to Heaven

Essentials for Receiving the Salvation Only Jesus Can Give You
If you want to know how to be saved, you have definitely come to the right place! This section of the site is devoted to helping you with every aspect of beginning your new life of faith. And it's all free!
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Prayers for Healing

There are five main ways of praying for healing outlined in the healing section with model prayers and Biblical examples. We also have a whole site devoted to emotional healing. There is, however, no such thing as a "formula" for prayer guaranteed to work every time, but these will get you started...

Why do we need to be saved?
No doubt you have your own reasons for wanting to be saved: things you messed up or messed up things about yourself. Or maybe you’ve seen that the bridge is out down the road. Here are three reasons why everyone needs to be saved...

"Salvation Basics" is an overview that puts all of life in a coherent perspective, like the way the earth appears as your airplane climbs higher. Our God of Grace has a simple "formula" for how to live with Him in this life and the next...