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Sane and Sensible Perspectives on the Last Days

Are we really in the Last Days that the Bible describes? The answer to that is a definite "Yes!" Once you've had a chance to look over conclusived evidence provided by the on-going fulfillment of prophecy, you will know it certain. God is giving us never-before-seen signs that Jesus' Return is on our horizon. The "Signs of the Second Coming" are all around us! But will we have to go through the terrible events the Bible predicts are coming? Again, the answer is definitely yes. The scriptures speak clearly to the question, "When Is the Rapture?" So, be prepared to be surprised if you've been thrown off track, because the timeline Jesus and the apostles gave us has nothiing in common with the popular "Left Behind" series.

Once we've settled that issue, then the importance of understanding "Crucial Components of the Last Days" will also be clear. Since we will have to go through them, we definitely need to know as much as we can about the players and the events in advance. And that leads us right into the all-important step of "Preparing for the Last Days." Be sure you don't neglect this, for there is much more to being prepared than meets the eye, or than is mentioned in most sermons on the subject. Finally, there will be a need to stay informed by recent events. That's where "Prophetic Updates" come in!

Main Areas to Explore

1) Is Jesus Returning Soon?

Signs of the Second Coming  You don’t have to wait for Jesus to return to experience the peace and power of His reign. His Kingdom comes whenever we trust and obey Him Signs of the Second Comingas Lord. But even that can’t hold a candle to what it will be like when the Light of the World returns to establish His Kingdom on earth forever. There are incontrovertible signs that the long-awaited Day is closer than you might think. Prepare to be very excited by this…Jesus actually expects us to discern the "signs of the times" and these signs are already all around us.

Day and Hour vs Times and Seasons
Four Absolutes to Observe
Unprecedented and Incontrovertible Signs
Jewish Signs of Jesus' Return
Gospel Signs of Jesus’ Return
Global Signs of Jesus’ Return
A Convergence of Calamities
The Sign of the Seventh Year

2) When Will Believers Be Raptured?

When Is the Rapture?  Without a doubt the timing of Rapture in relation to the Great Tribulation is the most hotly debated piece of the Last Days’ puzzle. Will the When Is the Rapture?Church be raised to meet the Lord before, after or at some time during the events of the Great Tribulation? Enquiring minds want to know! And so do frightened hearts. So much hangs in the balance. If we don’t put this key piece in the right place, all the other pieces will be pushed out of proper order and thrown into confusion. We too will be thrown into confusion.

As in the Days of Noah
At the Last Trumpet
In the Twinkling of an Eye
There Will Be a Great Tribulation
Then Many Will Fall Away 
See that No One Misleads You 
The Seventh Angel’s Trumpet  
Like a Thief in the Night   
Him Who Overcomes
The One Who Endures to the End
We Who Are Alive, Who Are Left
The Dead Will Rise First 
That Day Shall Not Come Until
Be Patient Until the Lord’s Coming

3) What Happens During the Last Days?

Crucial Components  What an incredible cast of characters fill the events of the Last Days! If Jesus life could be called “The Greatest Story Ever Told”, what superlativeCrucial Components of the Last Days can we reach for to describe the culmination of His Story? For all of history reveals His Story, the story of the long-awaited, highly-contested return of an all-conquering King and of a people being prepared through the ages to receive Him. Naturally, there are villains enough to go around, even villains on a cosmic scale. But there are heroes aplenty, too. Some of them may be some of us. Lord, let it be!

The Return of the King
The Great Tribulation
The Antichrist
The False Prophet
The Rebirth of the Earth
Believers and Martyrs
Israel and the Jews
The Millennium Reign

4) What Can We Do to Prepare?

Preparing for the Last Days  Jesus talked a lot about watching and being prepared for the events of the Last Days. Ok, so how do you do that? First of all, if we are Preparing for the Last Daysgoing to be raptured out of here, then there is no need to either watch or be prepared for anything. It’s only if we are going to have to go through the tremendous time of trial coming on the earth that we need to be concerned. Those trials, and the temptations that accompany them, will touch every aspect of our lives. Our need for insight and understanding about what to do will go through the roof! With that in mind, it turns out that there are many facets to being watchful and prepared. Here is a “check list” of the basics.

Prepare to Go through It
Prepare to Meet Him
Prepare to Join the Rescue
Prepare by Prayer and Fasting
Prepare by Discerning the Times
Prepare for Judging Prophecies
Prepare by Studying the Scriptures
Prepare with Strong Fellowship
Prepare by Casting off Fear
Prepare by Taking on Humility
Prepare by Learning Guidance
Prepare for Calamities

5) How Can We Stay Up to Date?

Prophetic Updates  I make absolutely no claim to be a prophet. The "visions" I typically receive are of a personal guidance or individual ministry nature, not of End Times Prophetic Updatesevents (so far). Nor am I receiving direct revelations from the Lord about the Last Days (so far). But I am receiving a lot from the scriptures. And I do want to stay up to date with what the Lord is revealing to others. Many I glean from are Christians; some are careful observers of the times. We have a lot to learn from each other! Whatever I learn--once I have sifted it--I wll post here in the spirit of "sane and sensible perspectives on the Last Days."

Current Events
Credible Prophecies
Web Sites to Visit
YouTube Channels to Follow


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