For by grace you have
been saved through faith,
and that not of yourselves;
it is the gift of God.
Ephesians 2:8 WEB


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Amazon eBooks

Original: Salvation Basics

Gift-1: Illustrated Guide

Gift-2: Rescued from Hell

Gift-3: The Missing Peace

Gift-4: Salvation Basics

Gift-5: Holy Spirit: Supernatural Power

Gift-6: Ministry Basics

Gift-7: Knowing the Spirit

Gift-8: Matters of the Heart


Web Site eBooks

Gift-a: Overcoming Self-Hatred (20-page eBook)

Gift-a-2: Getting to Heaven (12-page eBook)

Gift-a-3: Living in the Spirit (16-page eBook)

Gift-a-4: Power in the Spirit (25-page eBook)

Gift-a-5: Learning to See Double (31-page eBook)

Gift-a-6: Saved by the Free Gifts (39-page eBook)

Gift-a-7: Preparing for Ministry (39-page eBook)

Gift-a-8: Doing Ministry (41-page eBook)

Gift-a-9: Signs of the Second Coming (36-page eBook)

Gift-a-10: New Life in the Spirit (36-page eBook)

Gift-a-11: The Wonders of Our God (45-page eBook)

Gift-a-12: Jesus: 7 Key Moments in His Life (28-page eBook)

Gift-a-13: Jesus: His Early Years (28-page eBook)

Gift-a-14: Jesus: His Death and Resurrection (34-page eBook)

Gift-a-15: Jesus: His Ascension, Our Inheritance (x-page eBook)

Gift-a-16: New Life through Spiritual Birth (47-page eBook)


Long Blog Content Upgrades

Gift-c: The "Big Five" Connectors

Gift-c-2: A.C.T.! Fast to Reconnect

Gift-c-3: The Refrigerator Method

Gift-e-1: The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ 

Gift-g-1: The 2 Facts of the Resurrection

Gift-g-2: Our New Identity

Gift-i-1: Who Is the Holy Spirit? Part I

Gift-k-1: Who Is the Holy Spirit? Part II

Gift-k-2: 9 Power Gifts of the Spirit

Gift-m-1: The Art of Listening

Gift-m-2: Walking in the Spirit

Gift-o-1: The Miracle Book

Gift-q-1: The Joy of the Lord

Gift-s-1: The Three in One

Gift-u-1: Financial Strategies that Work

Gift-w-1: The Bondage Breaker

Are You a Forerunner?

Are You a Forerunner?
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Like John the Baptist, forerunners go before the Lord to prepare His way into their own heart and other lives. That's your heart too, isn't it?

Rescued from Hell

I'm Steve, a former hippie and carpenter, now a passionate follower of Jesus.

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