For by grace you have
been saved through faith,
and that not of yourselves;
it is the gift of God.
Ephesians 2:8 WEB


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pdf 5 Motivations and 10 Steps to Freedom Popular

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Forgiveness is giving your pain, the injustice and the person to God and trusting Him with it all—with why He allowed it and with how He will redeem it. As we know, it's easier said than done. Here is the why (5 motivations) and how (10 steps) of it.

pdf 9 Power Gifts of the Spirit Popular

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The empowerment which comes to us through the baptism of the Holy Spirit is intended to be a much needed blessing for others, and a thrilling adventure for us. Love wants to reach out to human need. These 9 gifts let Jesus touch others through us.

pdf ACT Fast to Reconnect with Jesus Popular

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We have an enemy actively “seeking whom he may devour,” always working to separate us from our God by weakening our trust connection or by diverting us from the path. We must be ready to “plug back into the Lord” whenever we start losing the peace.

pdf An Illustrated Guide Popular

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As you will see, images enhance spiritual sight. But how can those elusive, invisible realities be captured as images? Your imagination is the key, for with the mind we think truth, but with the heart we behold it.

pdf Financial Strategies that Work Popular

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How would you like some simple strategies that are practically guaranteed to help your financial situation? I want to pass on the three best things I learned. This isn’t about mastering the markets. It’s about the way the Lord mastered me where money is concerned.

pdf Getting to Heaven Popular

By 323 downloads

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Ironically, the most important thing about this life is making sure you are well-positioned to enjoy the next one! Curious too, that the hardest thing about getting this right is realizing that you need to. That step is called being a seeker...

pdf Holy Spirit: Supernatural Power Popular

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The Holy Spirit has been given to help us find that path where our two great purposes converge in fruitful service to others and joy-filled fellowship with our God. All along the way we are meant to enjoy adventures and discoveries aided by our invisible Friend.

pdf How to Forgive the Unforgivable Popular

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To help you regain your freedom by “forgiving the unforgivable,” I have assembled some of the most powerful things I’ve learned in seeking my own recovery from pain, injustice and abuse. Take your time going over these four main sections, then put them to work!

pdf Knowing the Spirit Popular

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Ever wonder just Who it is that you are "hosting" on the inside? We are on the hunt to discover all we can about our well-hidden Quarry. Fortunately, there are clues scattered all over scripture giving ways to track down our perpetually present God.

pdf Living in the Spirit Popular

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Without question, being saved by God brings us into a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. You would think that would be enough, but no! There is yet another divine Person for us to get to know—the Holy Spirit who now lives within us.

pdf Matters of the Heart Popular

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Set your heart “on pilgrimage” to discover the life Jesus died to give you and learn how you, too, can enter far more deeply into His peace than you could ever have imagined. This workbook includes all of the eCourse for Healing.

pdf Ministry Basics Popular

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There are two great adventures to our life in Christ: Getting to know our God better and joining Him in the Rescue. We all get to play a part! Of course only Jesus can save people, but He delights in gifting us, training us and going out with us into our broken world.

pdf Our New Identity Popular

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The all-important issue of identity determines so much about how we will live and what we will do with our time. No one who has a poor self-image can truly enjoy living, yet the gospel has not come to tell you how great you are. It's far better than that...

pdf Overcoming Self-Hatred Popular

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I hated myself for years with a fierce and unremitting fury. If the Lord could help me get over that (and He did), then He can help anyone learn to love themselves as He does. These are four of the most powerful truths He taught me on the way to freedom.

pdf Power in the Spirit Popular

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In the scriptures Jesus invites us to receive a supernatural empowerment for service under His leadership. Unlike the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, which is given automatically at conversion, this empowerment comes through seeking it.

pdf Rescued from Hell Popular

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Rescued from Hell is the bizarre tale of an unsuspecting spiritual voyager caught in a spider web of New Age “spirituality” and cocooned in a terrifying, soul-destroying nether land that lasted for a decade. Then came the utterly amazing Rescue...

pdf Salvation Basics Popular

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Jesus Christ is not just the way to heaven, He is the only way to live a heavenly life down here. Salvation Basics brings answers to humanity’s most pressing questions, including how to live the new life of faith and grace in this life, as well as the next.

pdf The Art of Listening Popular

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Hearing what people say is one thing. Really listening is something else. What turns listening into an art form is juggling listening to others and listening for the Lord at the same time. Listen well enough to others and you will more easily hear from the Lord.

pdf The Big Five Connectors to Jesus Popular

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Disconnected! It’s one of the easiest things to happen to a Christian and fairly easy to remedy, if you understand the game and how it’s played. There is only one problem to watch out for: You have to stay “plugged in” if you want to run the bases!

pdf The Bondage Breaker

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When it comes to getting free of a mountain of negativity, nothing gets the job done faster than "thanking God in all things for all things." It seems weird, like you're heading in the wrong direction, but it sure brings you home to freedom!

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