For by grace you have
been saved through faith,
and that not of yourselves;
it is the gift of God.
Ephesians 2:8 WEB


Folder 2013 Heart to Heart eNewsletters


pdf April 2013 eNews Popular

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This is our April 2013 eNewsletter and it is all about Grace and the "total grace" controversy". See how total grace is balanced by perfect accountability!

pdf August 2013 eNews Popular

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This is our August 2013 eNewsletter and it is all about finding our Number 1 Purpose. And then finding our Number 2 Purpose after that...

pdf December 2013 eNews Popular

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This is our December 2013 eNewsletter and it is all about ________ . Well, you will have to guess, so it's too early to spill the beans. Good eating!

pdf February 2013 eNews Popular

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This is our February 2013 eNewsletter and it is all about GRACE--the stuff our heavenly dreams are made of!

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pdf January 2013 eNews Popular

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This is our January 2013 eNewsletter and it is all about PASSION for Jesus!

pdf July 2013 eNews Popular

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This is our July 2013 eNewsletter and it is all about putting your "flesh" into the cook pot of containment. Crucifying the flesh is on the menu board!

pdf June 2013 eNews Popular

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This is our June 2013 eNewsletter and it is all about the central place of sight in the spiritual life. Seeing IS believing!

pdf March 2013 eNews Popular

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This is our March 2013 eNewsletter and it is all about special insights into how to get gloriously free from the bugger bear of bitter feelings! Let these life-giving truths work for you!

pdf May 2013 eNews Popular

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This is our May 2013 eNewsletter and it is all about getting out of trouble! Enjoy...

pdf November 2013 eNews Popular

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This is our November 2013 eNewsletter. Learn how to hold your heart steady during times of chaos, change and conflict.

pdf October 2013 eNews Popular

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This is our October 2013 eNewsletter and it is about the upside down, inside out world of God's kingdom on earth. You won't want to miss it...

pdf September 2013 eNews Popular

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This is our September 2013 eNewsletter. What do Hitler, St. Francis and "Everyman" have in common?

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