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For by grace you have
been saved through faith,
and that not of yourselves;
it is the gift of God.
Ephesians 2:8 WEB


Who We Are

     We are ones who bear witness to the Light!

Steve Evans came to faith as one brought back from the dead after a decade of occult oppression and torment. His passion is to see people everywhere released from emotional pain and Eunice and Steve Evansbrokenness and restored to their full inheritance. He has authored five books: The Missing Peace, Matters of the Heart, Good Grief, An Illustrated Guide and Rescued from Hell which tells the story of his own harrowing descent into inner darkness and ultimate restoration. Steve is an ordained minister and a former carpenter, craftsman and missionary. Since coming to faith in 1982 Steve has led many people into a life-saving and life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. His vision for Forerunners4Him is to assist the Lord with birthing and building up the Body of Christ on a grace basis.

Eunice has been married to Steve since 2008. She is devoted lover of Jesus and a passionate worshiper of the Risen Lord. Her name means “joyous victory—she conquers” and she is known as an intercessor for her willingness to “run to the roar” of the enemy, refusing to let him gain ground whenever he seems to be on the prowl. She is also a gifted teacher, having taught Sunday School and Bible studies for over thirty years. Long before she met Steve the Lord showed her in a vision that she would one day be married again and doing inner healing and deliverance in large groups

Healing Streams is a ministry of liberation and transformation, helping believers recover their emotional freedom and master their inward state. Through Biblical teaching we seek to help people find freedom from the negative emotions that rob inner peace and damage health. Our main healing lessons form a 24 part series, Matters of the Heart, which can be accessed for free through our website as individual, downloadable teachings in PDF and MP3 formats or viewed on our Youtube channel.

Sample and enjoy some of
       Steve's "spiritually fun stories" on YouTube

Forgiving Cats

A cat's teenage pregnancy led to a very funny encounter with God.

A Stunning Deliverance

An amazing reversal of fortune when a "drifter" got set free!

A Drought Broken

A stunning answer to prayer for rain--the heavens poured!

Support Group for Ghosts

If you have ghosts in your house, who are you going to call?

God Cracks Me Up!

God really does have a delightful sense of humor!

Praying for Cat Healing

Does God care about kittens? You bet He does!

Visitors from Heaven

A bizarre (but revealing) perspective on ordinary life

     --when bugs "speak" of spiritual things.

Chopped Liver

Feeling rejected can be very lonely

     --unless you get interrupted by God!

Holes in the Heart

A life lesson learned from a Honduran road.

A Witness from Beyond the Grave

     He rescued our whole family--after he died.

Emotional Roots of Disease

     This is an introductory teaching on stress related diseases.

TV show--Matters of the Heart

     Hosts Steve and Angela discuss stress related illnesses.

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Steve's Story   Over half of Rescued from Hell is posted for free for two reasons: 1) You have a right to know about the one who is seeking to help you grow in the spiritual life, so that you can better decide if you want to trust me as a teacher and 2) practically everything on the site first came into my life as a truth I needed for the sake of my own growth. There are, therefore, many points where my story carries a testimony that could help you gain insights or inspiration to overcome your own obstacles.

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Rescued from Hell

I'm Steve, a former hippie and carpenter, now a passionate follower of Jesus.

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